CLIC Sargent

CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children, young people and their families. CLIC Sargent care teams fight tirelessly to limit the damage cancer causes. They listen, and ask the right questions, so that they can provide the right support, tailored to each young person and family.  This might mean:

  • arranging a CLIC Sargent grant or helping young people and families get the benefits they are entitled to
  • coordinating care so that some medical procedures can happen at home
  • arranging free accommodation in a CLIC Sargent Home from Home
  • helping young cancer patients and families keep in touch with school, college or work to keep life as normal as possible.

Research Partners were commissioned to evaluate an exciting new initiative in cancer care.  CLIC Sargent, funded by Morrisons, has provided a UK-wide team of Nurse Educators to promote confident cancer care closer to home. These expert nurses go out into local communities to educate health, social care and education professionals so that they have the skills and knowledge to provide the best possible care for children and young people with cancer.

Research Partners worked with CLIC Sargent over two years to examine the impact of the programme on both the professionals involved and the children, families and young people they support. We conducted surveys, in-depth interviews and used the hybrid survey/discussion tool, Crowdoscope, to investigate the impact of the Nurse Educator project, reporting in July 2020.