European Agency for Occupational Safety and Health at Work

EU-OSHA, based in Bilbao, Spain is an Agency of the EU, and was set up in 1996 to act as the main EU reference point for safety and health at work. Prior to her departure, Claire and her team at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) were awarded a two year contract to act as the main evaluator for the Agency. This reflects the strength of her own and her previous team’s work in researching Health and Safety issues within the UK.

Claire has recently completed, during her time as Principal Associate Fellow at IES:

  • the mid-term evaluation of EU-OSHA’s strategy, which involved analysing existing data held by the Agency as well as collecting the views of Agency users and stakeholders from across the EU’s 27 Member States
  • an evaluation of an innovative visual system for the communication of health and safety messages to a range of audiences. Using a web-based survey and cognitive interviews the evaluation will test individual reactions to and understanding of the images.

She also helped IES deliver a review of the content of the Agency’s website to help them improve their future online offer.

Further details about EU-OSHA can be found at their website.