Anne Bellis

Anne Bellis, a Research Associate at Research Partners, has 16 years’ experience as a social researcher, both within an academic and public policy context. She was a Research Fellow and Lecturer in Continuing Education atUniversityofSussexfrom 1999 to 2006, specialising in issues of educational equality for disadvantaged groups, such as women returners and people from migrant and refugee communities. Her D Phil, completed in 2000, explored the vocational and educational experiences of migrants and refugees in theUKlabour market.

From 2006 – 2011, Anne worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), where she was engaged on a wide range of research projects and evaluations relating both to labour market disadvantage and learning and skills.  She has extensive project management experience and has also undertaken independent consultancy work for the Universities of Sussex and Brighton, NIACE andBrightonand Hove City Council. She is currently working as a Research Associate with IES on a large-scale study of part-time Higher Education for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. As part of this, she is conducting case studies of the part-time provision offered at two universities and carrying out in-depth interviews with students, teaching staff and senior managers.

Over the years, Anne has developed a considerable range of qualitative research skills. She has conducted numerous interviews and focus groups with stakeholders at all levels, including policy makers, senior managers and employees in the public and private sectors, education practitioners, community workers and people from disadvantaged communities. She is also experienced in analysing and synthesising data from qualitative and quantitative sources, report writing and disseminating research findings at conferences, workshops and to public policy clients.

Some examples of Anne’s recent research work are listed below:

  • An evaluation of the London City Strategy English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Pilot, which was designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of work-focused ESOL training for unemployed people with language needs. Anne was the project manager and conducted a number of qualitative interviews with pilot participants, provider staff and other stakeholders. Published as: Bellis A, Sigala M, Oakley J (2011) Evaluation of the London City Strategy ESOL Pilot: Final Report Department for Work and Pensions.
  •  An evaluation of the National Skills Academies for the Learning and Skills Council, a large-scale study, which included in-depth qualitative interviews with a range of NSA stakeholders. Anne managed the stakeholder research strand during the second year of the evaluation, conducted a number of telephone interviews with stakeholders and contributed to the final report, published as: Johnson C, Hillage J, Miller L, Bellis A, Oakley J, Sumption F, Tu T, Ginnis S, Gosling R (2011) Evaluation of the National Skills Academies Synthesis Report Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • A survey of learners’ experiences on Train to Gain, a government-funded training service designed to improve the skills of the workforce. Anne managed the qualitative fieldwork for Wave 3 of the research, conducted a number of interviews with learners and contributed to the final report, published as Levesley T, Bellis A, Regan J (2010) Train to Gain: Wave 5 Learner Survey Learning and Skills Council
  •  A study for the Home Office which explored the views of potential sponsors on the Points-Based System for migrant workers. This consisted of a series of focus groups with employers, HE providers and ESOL providers. Anne was the project manager, conducted focus groups and co-wrote the final report, published as: Bellis A, Williams M (2008) Understanding the Perspective of Potential Sponsors on the Points-Based System Sponsorship Arrangements Home Office.

Other publications include:

  • Bellis A, Sigala M, Dewson S (2011) Identifying Claimants’ Needs: Research into the Capability of Jobcentre Plus Advisers. Research Report 43, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Bellis A, Sigala M, Dewson S (2011) Employer Engagement and Jobcentre Plus. Research Report 742, Department for Work and Pensions
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