After our stay in the Dordogne, we knew that a change in weather was coming with rain and lower temperatures predicted and this made us question where to go next. Whilst the South of France seemed to have the best of the weather, this would leave us with a long drive home. If, however, we headed up the West Coast of France and/or back across the North of Spain we’d have patchier weather but far less driving to do. In the end we hedged our bets and headed to Biarritz, from where we could either head North through France or West through Spain.

We stayed at a Yelloh Campsite called Ilbarritz on the edges of the town near a couple of beaches. We pitched the awning and settled into a rather rainy night. Opposite were an interesting French family with loads of kids, woman in dressing gowns and fat men in figure hugging shorts. They were incredibly noisy during the day but fine. We also had a Spanish family next door who were the epitome of quiet during the day, but incredibly loud at night…not a good start. The pool was superb, but it was too cold to really make the most of it and our mood dropped significantly. To be honest we hated the campsite, didn’t like the town and the weather was shocking. We’d reached the mid-point of the holiday both parents had hit a bit of a wall. With a huge storm forecast for the next evening, we jumped ship and stayed in a bungalow instead of in the van. This basic static caravan did feel pretty luxurious compared to the alternative with gale force winds lashing the campsite.

After a couple of nights of this we were not sad to be leaving, and decided to spend our last few weeks in Spain.