Playa Bara Resort

Feeling that we really needed a holiday from our holiday – we’d done a lot of moving around – we booked into a fancy five star campsite called Playa Bara at Roda de Bara just up the coast from our last place. More of a resort than a campsite, it was fairly busy with Irish families who start their 3 month long Summer holidays in June (I know…3 months!!). The pool was massive with lots of slides, so plenty to keep Abi happy. She soon palled up with some sisters from Manchester, and then a lovely family from Blackpool, and now uses the phrase ‘last one there is a rotten egg’ fairly regularly plus some other choice Northern phrases!

It’s a massive site just a few hundred yards from the beach so life was pretty easy and you could eat out, grab an ice cream do your supermarket shopping etc. without going more than a few hundred yards from the van. We managed to spend a lot of time just hanging out at the pool…a lot!

We had a couple of days out. Firstly we scooted along the coast a little way to a fantastic little village called Roc de Sant Gaeita which is picture postcard pretty. We also had a day in Sitges which is gorgeous with lovely old town. It was Gay Pride weekend so the place was even camper than usual, with loads of scantily clad males in speedos riding inflatable unicorns and flamingos. What’s not to love?

Life was so comfortable there that we decided after nearly a week it was time for something more challenging, so it was off to Barcelona.

Abi’s favourite thing: making loads of friends

Matt’s favourite thing:

Claire’s favourite thing: lots of scantily clad men in speedos riding unicorns and flamingoes