San Sebastian (again!)

Our first time in San Sebastian we stayed high on a hill and it was so hot we could barely walk around the town. We therefore decided that we should give the place a second go, but this time stay in the centre. We therefore booked into a central apartment which turned out to be quite luxurious and extremely comfortable. This was particularly important as the weather had now really turned around, and our second stay in this lovely place was to be showery and cool. A complete turn around from when we first visited.

We took this opportunity to taste a few more of the local specialities, trying out a brand new pinchos bar which had mouthwatering little masterpieces such as veal with sweet potatoes, and fantastic pork dishes. With glasses of white wine coming in at around 2 Euros, it was happy days. Abi was more than happy walking along the promenade and enjoying the carousel near the seafront and just hanging around in comfort watching a bit of the Disney channel in our flat.

On our last day, we had Sunday brunch at a place called Le Madame, which is supposed to the best place to take brunch in the city. It didn’t disapoint, although a rather wet and blustery walk was involved from our flat. We had the most delicious bacon ever, as well as other brunch type treats sweet and savoury. San Sebastian definitely gets our vote as a gourmet destination.