Tarragona to Creixell

We’d set aside a day to spend in Tarragona, and despite the rain it was well worth a visit. We parked high on a hill near to the old city walls and were able to easily walk round the main sites. We also had lunch in the main square. It is a beautiful city with lots of Roman and medieval architecture to admire, including a Coliseum, looking out over the sea. Abi doesn’t find this sort of thing particularly interesting however, and after an aborted attempt to ride the tourist train (apparently it doesn’t run in the rain…), Matt and Abi retired to the van for some popcorn and a movie. This gave Claire a chance to check out the city’s main street and attractions. Definitely a city to return to, but it was time to move on.

We camped overnight at the rather unappealingly named Area 340 which was actually a well run commercial Aire near the beach at Criexell. We found a great little beach bar and Abi danced on the sand. The rain had gone and the holiday mood returned.

Abi and Matt’s favourite thing: popcorn and movie in the van

Claire’s favourite thing: reflecting my cultural bent…the amazing Coliseum