Alice Sinclair

Prior to becoming an Associate of Research Partners, Alice worked at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) where she conducted a wide range of employment and health related research. Topics covered include:

  • Disability and carers
  • Occupational health and health and safety
  • Mental health

Alice has a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research skills, including the design and management of mixed method research projects. In more detail Alice has experience of:

  • Managing research and evaluations, including large multi-method projects
  • Liaising with clients and managing project teams and partners
  • Qualitative research – designing interview guides, conducting semi-structured interviews, cognitive interviews and focus groups with a range of groups (including young people, disabled people and vulnerable groups) and analysing data using Atlas.ti and NVivo.
  • Quantitative research – designing paper, online and CATI surveys, designing management information systems and carrying out descriptive and multivariate analysis of data using SPSS and Stata
  • Conducting literature reviews and summarising findings.
  • Synthesising data and writing concise reports and Powerpoint presentations for clients and wider audiences

Alice’s publication record includes:

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