Claire Tyers

Research Director

Claire founded Research Partners in 2011. Claire is a highly experienced social researcher having managed research and evaluation projects for 20 years. Claire prioritises client relationships and taking a practical approach to problem solving, whilst maintaining the highest professional standards. Claire can work with you to deliver research projects on your behalf or provide consultancy to support you or your team. In addition, Claire can draw on her network of contacts across academia, private sector research agencies/consultancies and fellow freelance researchers to complete projects of any size and complexity. She has extensive experience of both quantitative and qualitative techniques, including cost benefit assessment and assigning value to programme outcomes.

Claire has 20 years of varied project management experience in research, handling large and complex contracts for a range of clients, providing solid evidence and recommendations to decision makers in the public and private sectors.

Before setting up Research Partners, Claire spent 12 years working for the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), which is the UK’s leading independent centre for research and evidence-based consultancy in employment, labour market and human resource policy and practice. Over her last five years at IES, Claire helped the charity to establish itself as a major contributor to research on work and well-being, and left IES as an Associate Director running a research team dedicated to this topic. Claire is an Associate of Learning and Work Institute, CFE Research, and Roffey Park Institute of Management.

Examples of some of her recent publications and reports are provided below:

During her time at IES, Claire established a long publication record reflecting her broad research interests, and which is reflected in the further examples below:

  • Tyers C, Speckesser S, Hicks B, Baxter K, Gilber M and Ball E (2012) Occupational Hygiene at the Olympic Park and Athletes’ Village: Can workplace health management be cost effective? Institute for Employment Studies Report No. 497.
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