Fostering lifelong learning at life transitions

Research Partner’s Claire Tyers is proud to have helped Learning and Work with their recent report ‘Learning at Life Transitions’, published by the Further Education Trust for Leadership. The report highlights why it is important for women returners and those approaching retirement to engage in lifelong learning along with some of their views about, and experiences of learning. The report has a range of conclusions for policy and practice.

A mid-life review could be the key to encouraging more participation and providers could offer more attractive, flexible and tailored courses to attract older learners. Critical, however, is that policy makers need to support lifelong learning with clearer strategies and with better funding. The benefits for individuals, the economy and society of doing so would be wide ranging and significant. With what funding is available for adult learning focused almost entirely on under 19 year olds, it has never been more important to fight for the rights of older learners. This reports provides a useful starting point for moving the debate forward.