Nearly half of US jobs at risk of computerisaion

Research by Oxford University estimates that 47% of jobs in the US are “at risk” of being automated in the next 20 years. This research found that jobs in transportation, logistics, as well as office and administrative support, are at “high risk” of automation. Occupations within the service industry are also highly susceptible, despite recent job growth in this sector.

Dr Osborne, one of the reports authors said: “We identified several key bottlenecks currently preventing occupations being automated. As big data helps to overcome these obstacles, a great number of jobs will be put at risk”.

The study examined over 700 detailed occupation types, noting the types of tasks workers perform and the skills required. By weighting these factors, as well as the engineering obstacles currently preventing computerisation, the researchers assessed the degree to which these occupations may be automated in the coming decades.

Dr Frey, the other author, highlighted that the United Kingdom is expected to face a similar challenge to the US. He said: “While our analysis was based on detailed datasets relating to US occupations, the implications are likely to extend to employment in the UK and other developed countries”.

Full version of the paper.